The Zypha Desktop offers virtual desktops in the cloud

  • Removes the need for traditional, expensive to maintain and inefficient IT systems in your office

  • Use any device to access your MS Office and your businesses expert applications from anywhere, anytime

  • Saves power and reduces noise, makes your office a more pleasant space which results in higher productivity and less stress

  • Is cost effective, strategic and scalable

The benefits

You can just concentrate on your business and your growth. After all it is what you are good at, and it’s why you started your business – we’ll provide you with:

  • Secure applications and data hosting to ISO27001 accredited.
  • Scalable, as you add resources and applications the service grows with you without the need for capital investment.
  • Strategic, the service allows easy multi office expansion and acquisition, and our leaders provide advice and value add as technology offers ways to grow your business.
  • Energy Efficient, Zypha’s cloud desktop systems reduce your in office energy use by 90-95%.
  • Accessible & Mobile, work on your office desktop and applications using any device from any location at any time.
  • Operationally expensed, no more large and unplanned I.T. capital requirements.
  • Fit for purpose, Zypha desktops simply and effectively support your business.
  • Flexible, the ability to access your systems from anywhere at any time increase the flexibility of your workforce and fits the working schedules needed for today’s society.
  • Business Continuity, your systems are safe and secure in multiple purpose built data centres with redundant power, air conditioning and fire protection, which you can access from anywhere at any time providing your business with a corporate level of business continuity and disaster recovery which would be completely unaffordable to achieve within you own business.
  • Dependable, no more systems downtime that affects your business productivity, revenue, profitability and customer relationships and satisfaction.
  • It’s just there, no more hours and days wasted on considering and planning your I.T. strategy, utilising your local support guy or service who have their own motivations. Zypha simply and effectively provides your systems where and when you want them, applying upgrades and patches when required, with no disruption to your business, no impact on your time, no worries or concerns about the right way to go next with your I.T. systems.
  • The Zypha desktop enables hot-desking and home and remote working giving you the ability to reconsider your office strategy and working practices.
  • Your businesses productivity will materially increase providing additional revenue, profitability and lower costs.