Zypha eliminates the need for PCs and the majority of IT capital expense by providing a utility based IT service using “IT virtualisation”. You don’t need a hard drive, a server, a network, a laptop or a PC. You access your desktop in Zypha’s secure cloud, containing all your files, folders and programs through our supplied thin client access equipment. All you need is an internet connection, screen, mouse and a keyboard.

Your critical business information is secure, automatically backed up, your software is automatically upgraded on new updates or releases and you can access your information 24/7/365 through your thin client or any internet connected device such as a tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

The Zypha service outsources all of your IT requirement including 24/7/365 support and is paid for as a monthly fixed operating cost, instead of unpredictable and heavy capital cost.

Zypha’s desktop virtualisation also incorporates a unified telecommunications breakout service offering least cost routing and eliminating the need for PBX. Our service also incorporates a leading enterprise level billing and customer management system; unique as an overall package.